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Dlodlo V1
If we can't predict the future, why not make it
Weight · Thickness
Fashionable look as in science fiction
Dlodlo V1 offers you a whole new definition of VR glasses, ultra-light and easy to wear just like a pair of sunglasses, only more powerful and high-tech. D1 runs Dlodlo’s own operating system and allows touch control, making the experience even more amazing!
Carbon fibre
Engineering design
Touch operating
Dlodlo’s ThinVR Bionic optical imaging system
Based on the human eye imaging principle, the bionic optics design makes the FOV of Dlodlo V1 achieve 105°,
allowing fully immersive VR experience.
2K+ high screen resolution
2K+ resolution display plus our image distortion rectifying algorithm enable you to enjoy viewing in a virtual world with no distortion.
2400 × 1200
Ultra-low latency in
tracking and display
With the configuration of a 9-axis sensor combined with a predictive algorithm for head movements, Dlodlo V1 achieves a refresh rate at 90Hz, eliminating dizziness or vertigo.
refresh rate
Home edition
Portable set
Home edition    Portable set
Each choice will bring you immersive experience
With Dlodlo V1 which provides fantastic display and immersive experience, you are able to enjoy virtual reality at home together with your family or friends by connecting V1 to your PC. We also offer the portable set with which you can enjoy VR experience freely at anytime and anywhere you want, taking you into wonderful worlds of different kinds.
Humanized interaction
Dlodlo D1’s operating system Dlodlo OS is based on Android 5.0, and its touch operation will give you the most natural human-computer interaction experience, which can be mastered pretty fast. You can get into virtual worlds anywhere you want as long as you’ve got Dlodlo V1 before your eyes and D1 in your hand.
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