Dlodlo | Dlodlo A1
Sync vision with taste
Dlodlo A1 , iPhone-powered VR headset
Superior performance
makes the difference
From phone case, data cable, headphones to power
bank, you ensure that everything be carefully selected.
As for mobile VR headset, it's certain that you also
want to make the right choice.
Dlodlo A1, with the built-in high performance head
tracking system, further reduces latency for more
prominent performance.
Low latency
high immersion
Dlodlo A1 has its own built-in high performance head
tracking system. The nine-axis sensor works in
combination with space-time predictive algorithm to
accomplish 360-degree head tracking and real time
display of visuals. All is for you to get a real feel of
precision conversion
Attitude angle error
A wider FOV for you to
experience virtually unlimited reality
The collaborative design of bionic optics lenses and physical hardware achieves a FOV of
100 degrees; an adaptive solution for distortion correction to present only realistic images.
Let you experience the vividness and true colors of Retina display in virtual reality.
To interact at ease
Back Key
For easy and quick returns
Lightning cable (inside the cover)
Detect and launch Dlodlo VR APP already installed
when plugged into your iPhone
Cross-shaped touchpad
Distinct symbol, smooth control, combined with head
tracker to deliver improved experience
Volume Keys
Adjust your iPhone's volume as you like
while experiencing
Light design for
your comfort
A light headset of skin-friendly material comes
with cushy and comfortable face padding and
ergonomic head strap. Put it on to enjoy all the
pleasure from seeing, touching and feeling.
Runway Design
Slim and Sleek
Head Strap
Balanced & Cozy
The mask
Soft & Comfortable
Massive Content for
your delectation
Splendors in virtual reality are beyond words.
Put on Dlodlo A1 to explore them all with your curiosity.
We offer friendly interactive interfaces and a constantly
growing collection of games and movies.
The uniqueness of Dlodlo is right here for you to discover.
A continuously-growing collection of exclusive/premium content
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