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VR New World

Since its foundation in 2011, Dlodlo has always been focusing on the research of VR (Virtual Reality) software and hardware technologies and the development of VR content and resources, covering both the upstream and the downstream of VR industry. It has obtained more than 127 patents so far, committed to delivering the best VR products and services to consumers.

As world’s first provider of literally glasses-shaped VR product, Dlodlo is set to build an open VR ecosystem with VR glasses being the medium while also providing other relevant hardware, software, applications, platforms and community, and to create to a real virtual world—Dlodlo World.


  • 2011
  • In October
    Dlodlo was founded
  • 2013
  • In March
    VR Research Studio was set up
  • 2014
  • In May
    The first lab prototype was built
  • In December
    Dlodlo obtained Angel investment
  • 2015
  • In January
    Dlodlo embarked on a fresh journey by formally settling down in Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
  • In May
    Dlodlo won lots of praises after the first VR glasses prototype was displayed at CES Asia
  • In July
    Dlodlo received Series A investment
  • In November
    Dlodlo displayed H1 and V1 at Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair, achieving great success
  • 2016
  • In April
    Dlodlo signed an agreement with Sojitz, appointing Sojitz as Dlodlo’s general agent in Japan
  • In April
    Dlodlo won the Best Science and Technology Award in 2016 CE China | IFA | IDG
  • In June
    Dlodlo held a product launch conference in Beijing
  • In August
    Dlodlo held V1 launch conference in New York

Brand Vision


We hope to utilize technology and imagination to transcend all the boundaries and limits so as to embrace a whole new world full of possibilities.


Our mission is to become the prime choice of VR products and services globally for consumers, employees and partners.


Do Let actions Do the talking

Lead Lead the VR industry and lifestyles

Open Open minds are positioned to embrace more friends and challenges

Our Team

Li Gang, founder of Dlodlo, is a serial entrepreneur whose last company Kanbox was acquired by Alibaba Group. At this moment, Dlodlo is home to a R&D team led by doctors from Macquarie University & University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), a former Motorola team for hardware design, doctors from Stanford University, and other talents and elites from well-known companies like Cisco, Tencent, Huawei, Kingsoft, Alibaba, CEC, and Thunder among others.
Dlodlo News

【China Daily】Dlodlo offers VR in your pocket

A new generation of virtual reality headgear was unveiled in New York on Monday.OResembling trendy sunglasses, the Dlodlo VR Glass V1 headset features a 2400 x 1200 display, 90 Hz refresh rate with 105-degree field of view and weighs a mere 88 grams …

Aug. 10

【sensors】VR Glasses are Light, Stylish, Impressive

On August 8, 2016, at The Marriot Marquis in the heart of the theater district in Manhattan, NYC, virtual reality (VR) equipment and platform developer Dlodlo unveiled its first consumer VR product Glass V1. The component was launched as the market’s first wearable VR headset featuring a real glass form design. In other words, it looks like a regular pair of stylish designer sunglasses as opposed to a heavy piece of headgear more commonly found in an optometrist’s office or brain surgeon’s lab …

Aug. 9

【MashableAsia】The world's lightest VR headset is impressive. Most impressive.

I had my doubts when China's Dlodlo (pronounced "dwaw dwaw") announced the V One, the world's thinnest and lightest VR headset back in April.It sounded too good to be true. At a press event in New York on Monday, I got a chance to try the V One headset on and I have to say it's impressive. Magical, even …

Aug. 9

【TECHVOIZE】Dlodlo Launches the World’s First Consumer Grade VR Glass

The first wearable VR headset in the world to feature a real glass form design, Glass V1 can link with PC devices or the integrated terminal on Dlodlo’s self-developed external interface, D1. This solution breaks down the technology barrier of VR equipment’s high requirement for PC hardware and takes an important step in introducing VR equipment to the public …

Aug. 9

【TechAcute】Dlodlo Introduced Their New VR Device Glass V1

8-August, New York – Chinese VR solution developer Dlodlo introduced their consumer-grade VR glasses now in the Marriott Marquis in New York City. The more bulky looking Glass H1 is going to be succeeded by the new, more futuristic looking Glass V1.The Glass V1 is relatively compact and lightweight in comparison to devices from manufacturers like Samsung or Oculus …

Aug. 9

【LUXUO】Dlodlo V1 VR Headset Launching October

We may soon be able to say goodbye to those bulky VR headsets that make you look like you’re wearing an ice cream tub on your head. With the introduction of Dlodlo’s V1, those shying away from the plastic headsets can look forward to stylish carbon fiber devices fitted with real sunglasses-like lenses …

Aug. 10

【Gameblog】Réalité virtuelle : Dlodlo V1, les lunettes VR les plus fines du monde

Que l'on parle de l'Oculus Rift, du HTC Vive, du Gear VR ou du prochain PlayStation VR, niveau ergonomie et encombrement, on se dit qu'il y a encore du chemin à faire. Eh bien, en fait, il a déjà été fait …

9 Août

【Architechnologis】Did Dlodlo Just Out Oculus Facebook?

A press conference yesterday (August 9, 2016) brought one small part of the future of Virtual Reality (VR) to the table a little early. Chinese VR developer Dlodlo ( introduced a compact sunglass-like design for a full VR headset, a major step towards a 10-year goal that Facebook set for Oculus at its F8 Developer Conference just this past April …

Aug. 9

【Tom's HARDWARE】Dlodlo V1: VR-Brille im Sonnenbrillenformat

Ein „wearable VR-Headset“ soll es sein, das Dlodlo V1, dem man auf den ersten Blick wohl nicht ansieht, was es eigentlich darstellt. Gerade mal 88 Gramm leicht und 16 Millimeter dick gleicht es eher einer Sonnenbrille als einem High-Tech-Zubehör für PC und Smartphone …

Aug. 10

【VRODO】Neue VR-Brille aus China: V One sieht aus wie eine Sonnenbrille

Bislang konnte VR-Hardware aus China noch nicht überzeugen. Vielleicht ändert das die enorm schlanke VR-Brille V One.Den Unterschied zu Oculus Rift, HTC Vive oder Playstation VR sieht man auf den ersten Blick. Anstatt klobig und groß auf dem eigenen Haupt zu lasten, kann man die V One fast wie eine gewöhnliche Sonnenbrille aufsetzen. Das ist genau der Formfaktor, den Facebook, Google und Co …

Aug. 9

【TECHBOX】Dlodlo Glass V1 – najmenšie VR okuliare na svete

Pomerne mladý čínsky výrobca Dlodlo, o ktorom sme vás už pred časom informovali, oficiálne predstavil finálnu verziu svojich najmenších VR okuliarov. Dlodlo Glass V1 sú bezpochyby najmenšie, najľahšie a najštýlovejšie VR okuliare, aké boli doteraz vyrobené …

9. augusta

【MultiVu】Dlodlo Launches the World's First Consumer Grade VR Glass Product in New York

VR (virtual reality) equipment and platform developer Dlodlo hosted a press conference on August 8 at the New York Marriott Marquis, launching its first consumer VR product Glass V1.The first wearable VR headset in the world to feature a real glass form design, Glass V1 can link with PC devices or the integrated terminal on Dlodlo’s self-developed external interface, D1 …

Aug. 8

【Wired】Dlodlo V1, i visori VR che sembrano occhiali da sole

Sembrano dei comuni occhiali eppure sono dei visori per la realtà virtuale. Grazie ai 88 grammi di peso e con una sottigliezza di 16 millimetri, i Dlodlo V1 (si pronunciano “Dodo”) sono degli occhiali avvolgenti dal design sportivo. A vederli così sembrano perfetti per una scampagnata, per fare sport o andare in bici, ma le lenti in realtà sono degli schermi con una risoluzione di 2560 x 1024 pixel ognuno e insieme offrono un campo visivo di 105 gradi …

luglio 22
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