Dlodlo | Dlodlo H2
Dlodlo H2
Suitable for 4.7-5.7 inch Android phones
To see and
feel with comfort
With a weight of only 240g like two hats,
Dlodlo H2 gives you the chance to experience better
immersion with comfort and a perfect fit.
Runway Design
Slim and Sleek
Head Strap
Balanced & Cozy
The mask
Soft & Comfortable
Full immersion in VR
To simplify operations for maximum immersion
Back Key
For easy and quick returns
Micro USB
Detect and launch Dlodlo VR APP already installed when
plugged into your smartphone; start the head tracking system
built in H2
Cross-shaped touchpad
Distinct symbol, smooth control, combined with head
tracker to deliver improved experience
360-degree Head Tracking
The nine-axis sensor works in combination with space-time predictive algorithm to
accomplish 360-degree head tracking. Visuals are displayed in real time to
offer smooth and immersive experience.
A wider FOV for better immersion
The collaborative design of bionic optics lenses and physical hardware achieves a
FOV of 100 degrees. An adaptive solution for distortion correction to present only realistic images.
Let yourself be comfortably immersed in incredibly lifelike virtual reality.
Dlodlo VR APP
the portal to ample
VR content
A continuously-growing collection of
exclusive/premium content
VR Basketball
Sleeping Gardila
Deep Space Battle
Mega SpaceHole
Mon. - Sun.   9:00 - 18:00
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